What day is it?

I don’t know why the pics inserted at top instead of bottom…  Read below then come back to the pics… :0)

With the Loux’s in Palermo.  That’s Palermo, Novograd, not Italy.  (The Pizzeria).  Our home away from home away from home.
Papa and Matthew…
You may think we were dressed to go outside.  NO…we were playing in the mud room today (so it’s a LITTLE bit colder in there than the rest of the building).  SO he had on 2 jackets, 2 shirts, 1 sweater, leggings, overalls, houseshoes and the hat.
Watching Miss Patty Cake.  🙂
We have been here 1 week (even though it seems like a month).   It’s impossible to describe the time warp we feel we’re in…but we are SO glad to be here!  God is moving and we see Him without doubt.  We are so blessed to experience His presence.  I see people here and they are so hopeless…without the experience of God’s presence.  We are truly blessed.  God gave me this scripture today.

Psalm 31:24
Be brave.  Be strong.  Don’t give up.  Expect God to get here soon.
Thank you God!
We had a very sweet visit with Micah and Matthew today.  You’ll see some pic a little lower.  We were SO drained and tired yesterday from a whole day away from the apartment.  Driving here, waiting there, from 8:30 am – 10:00 pm.  Then I didn’t sleep last night very much.  Ugh.
But one bright spot, we had potato soup with the Loux’s at their apartment and then just chilled.  It was so nice to just de-compress a bit.  They’ve been here since Feb 7 so I can’t imagine how stir crazy they are.  There are good days and bad days…
We have ALL of our paperwork and may have court next Tuesday or Friday!  Praise God.  That COULD allow us to be home in five weeks instead of six.  That would be swell!
We had another very busy day today.  What happened to all that reading I was going to do?  :0)
Tomorrow, will be a down day…no traveling.  We will go shopping for some shoes for the boys tomorrow and visit Matthew 2 times, of course!  
Here’s a couple of pics of the boys from today…  Misha really doesn’t like the camera.  He motions to put it away!  It’s very cute…
Be blessed!  We love you all!