Sunday – February 22, 2009 & Monday – February 23, 2009

P1010505 From our visit on Saturday evening.  Hey Malone kids…please note that he is looking at Mom out of the CORNER OF HIS EYE like Eli does!  🙂   P1010509 Is that a beautiful smile or what!!??   P1010512_face0   P1010519 Miss Patty Cake…  He watched the whole program and seemed to really love it.  He loves music  very much.  Micah does too…so I guess that wraps it up for the whole family loving music.   P1010528 Okay.  In case you are wondering if clothes will actually dry in the dead of winter when it’s snowing…  the answer is, we’re not sure.  Mary hung some stuff on our clothesline in the apartment “terrace” (don’t get too excited about the terrace…we’re afraid to walk on it because it could fall off the building at any moment).  They froze solid.  So she moved them inside and hung them on the radiator.  So maybe given enough time, they would eventually dry.   P1010529  We attended Pastor Andre’s church this morning.  We didn’t recognize any of the songs, but we recognized the Spirit of God.  We had a good time fellowshipping with these believers.  John & Tracie Loux attended too.   P1010532 Lunch at the Novograd Cafe with Pastor Andre & his wife, Tatiana (pictured), and John & Tracie (pictured) Loux.  Also, Lilia came with us and interpreted as best she could.  We had a great meal with these new friends.  Andre is the pastor who allowed us to use the apartment we are in at such a great price.  He says it is an honor to serve fellow servants of God.  Wow.   P1010523  The view from our apartment.  You might think it’s cold here now.  You’re right.   P1010524 Next to our building is a broken down amusement park (at least I hope it’s broken down and they don’t actually allow children on these rides).  It’s a bit creepy at night so we only take the shortcut through the park in daylight.   P1010525   So…tomorrow we head to Romaniv to get in a visit with Micah.  While we are there, George will hopefully get the rest of our paperwork we need to file for court.  It’d be swell if we could do that on Monday afternoon or Tuesday.  We’ll see.  🙂  PLEASE PRAY! The snow has tapered off this afternoon.  As I type this, we are about to get our shoes on and start the trek to the orphanage to see Matthew.  Hopefully it’ll be a sweet time with him. ***********************MONDAY*********************** Hey all…yesterday we didn’t have internet…so no post.  🙁  But you can read it now.  🙂 We visited Micah today for about 2.5 hours.  Had a good time with him.  He’s bonding with us nicely.  He’ll fit in as a Malone easily!! George has worked tirelessly to get our papers done.  We hope to have the last papers tomorrow, then he’ll be off to Kiev on Tuesday night to take to SDA and get them stamped etc.  We hope to have court next week!!  Please pray!!! Here’s some pics from today. DSCF2380 Mary is such a priceless treasure to me.  She’s the best mom, wife, lover, friend in the world.  So thankful for her.  She’s a real trooper too!  If you’ve been here, you know what I mean!    DSCF2382 John Loux & their new kids…  Aiden (left) and Emma (right).  SO CUTE!  They came walking by the window of the room we were playing in with Matthew.    DSCF2316_face0 Sunday…  look, he has different pj’s…  I can’t believe how cute he is!!  And he even looks like a Malone!    DSCF2333 He loves the xylophone…  Music in his future?  Hmmm….    DSCF2335_face0 He’s so happy just being with us.     DSCF2341_face0 We spent a LOT of time in the car today.  We enjoyed it!  Can you tell?    DSCF2346_face0 Our boy, Micah, today.  Eating a banana.  He’s a bottomless pit.    DSCF2348 He likes the xylophone too… to a limit.  🙂    DSCF2351 Yes, that’s banana oozing out of his mouth and yes, he’s about to spit.  He gets saliva built up in his mouth, then he spits it out and then he wipes his mouth with a kleenex.  Cute, but obviously a habit we’ll need to work on.  🙂    DSCF2353_face0 At the table waiting for his lunch.  Fish soup.  Ummmm…would he be this excited if he knew that?    DSCF2354 Yes, he’s eating fish soup and a piece of bread.  He was SO HAPPY with it…    DSCF2358 More new pj’s today (Monday)…  He was sure happy to see us tonight.  Hugged me, then Mary, then me, then Mary…  get the picture?    DSCF2364_face0   Thank you God for the MANY blessings we have seen.  Thank you for the down times when we’ve had to cling to You with all our might.  Thank you for the moments when Your hand has been so evident.  We love You.  We trust You. Psalm 19
7-9 The revelation of God is whole
      and pulls our lives together.
   The signposts of God are clear
      and point out the right road.
   The life-maps of God are right,
      showing the way to joy.
   The directions of God are plain
      and easy on the eyes.
   God’s reputation is twenty-four-carat gold,
      with a lifetime guarantee.
   The decisions of God are accurate
      down to the nth degree.   Thank you for all your prayers.  Keep em coming. WE LOVE TO READ YOUR COMMENTS!  PLEASE KEEP POSTING… THEY ARE OUR ONLY CONNECTION WITH YOU.