This Day (Wednesday)

I can't get on the internet today from my computer so sorry, no pics right now.  Maybe later today.  🙂
Today we visited Matthew this morning and had a great visit with him.  He found my vocal cords today and would just press his hands against my throat while I made different sounds with my voice.  He was so fascinated.  We did that for probably 20 minutes of our visit. My voice was tired, but he was so intrigued I could not tell him no.  🙂  The only time I tell him no is when he rips my glasses off my face and swings them.  If those get broken, I'm toast.  Ha…
We are now in Palermo, had a couple of pieces of cheese pizza and fought with my computer a bit.  We are waiting for George to come so we can sign the last paper…then he's off to Kiev to file stuff with the SDA.   We hope to have court next week.  Please pray!
We're gonna go shopping with John & Tracie in a little bit.  Groceries, some boots for the boys, and who knows what else…
It will be a relaxing afternoon, I hope.  We are so tired from the last few days.  We'll go see Matthew this afternoon, then back to Palermo to try the internet again.  Sigh.
Hope you all have a fabulous day walking in the glory of the Lord.
Love to all of you!
Kids…we MAY try to call you this morning before school.  We love you and miss you.
Mom…THANK you again for the Under Armor.  We would be frozen to the street under the snow without it.  Love you.
Caio.  Be blessed.