Some Pictures…the ones I promised weeks ago. :-)

DSCF2005_face0 Micah and the cup (his security blanket) I think they didn’t get much to drink at the institution. Certainly not whenever they wanted it. When we saw him eating lunch there was never any drink given. He hikes this cup under his arm and just keeps it with him. Very cute. And sad. DSCF2004 Our good friend Randy Done and Matthew. DSCF2010_face0 The very pretty Hannah. DSCF2007 Eli…practicing his wrestling moves. DSCF2014 Matthew loves the brothers and sisters. He just loves being with us. DSCF2013 Micah is Randy’s pal (unless Randy is making Micah obey. 🙂 ). DSCF2021 All these pics were on the Saturday before Resurrection Day. (April 11). We had the Dickinson’s over (including their 2 new kids from Ukraine…they got home a couple of weeks after us), Randy & Brenda Done and a friend of Blake’s (it was also Blake’s 15th birthday!). Ugh. I’m old. 🙂 I had this great idea that it would be fun to dye eggs with everyone. So I boiled 5 dozen eggs and set up lots of cups of dye (with Brenda’s help). I took a couple of pics and left the room so that I could maintain my sanity. 🙂 And so the kids could just have fun without me saying be careful or don’t get that on your clothes or something silly and fatherly like that. :o) DSCF2024_face1 The very pretty Bethany. DSCF2034 Wayne & Eli. DSCF2036 Marcus Dickinson DSCF2040 Blake & Hannah DSCF2051 The three stooges. DSCF2047_face2 DSCF2046_face1 Are these two guys brothers or what? DSCF2056 DSCF2060 DSCF2062 DSCF2071 Matthew & Hannah. He really loves Hannah. She’s so tender with him. DSCF2082_face0 He didn’t every eat these leaves believe it or not. DSCF2097_face0 Macey Dickinson DSCF2101 Our old swing set. The kids took it down and made way for the new one. We got home all excited to get the boys outside and playing on the swingset only to find that it was rotten and the bolts pulled through that hold the swings because the wood was disintegrated. Didn’t make the winter well I guess. So I started patching it and more and more fell off and came apart. So we ditched it. I’ll show a pic of the new one. I just finished it last Saturday night. DSCF2103 We’ve had this car since Blake was a baby. He just turned 15. Wish our real cars lasted that long.!!! DSCF2108 The wagon… One of their favorite things… DSCF2109