So Blessed…

I’m finally posting about last Saturday!  

To back up a little bit…  When we were in Ukraine with the Loux’s, they began to pray for God to provide people to come around us and help us as we added Matthew & Micah to our family.  When they told us that, I thought a couple of things…
1.  People have busy lives and won’t have time to help us.
2.  I wouldn’t be ASKING anyone to help us and unless they offered, it wouldn’t happen.  (Ummm…Pride)
3.  I am independent and we can do this on our own.  (yeah…Pride.)
Well, as you know, the day we got back Eli had a serious medical condition and ended up in the hospital.  The first day we were home, I was home with all the kids except Eli, and I had double pneumonia.  God had me where He wanted me.  I needed help.  But I still wasn’t going to ask.  No matter.  I got home from the hospital the first night only to find the house clean, laundry done and kids fed and in bed…  Thanks to a host of people who came over without me asking and they took charge and did what needed to be done.
They came back the next day and the next while Eli was in the hospital.  The food began coming too.  It was a very valuable lesson from God.
Fast forward a week and one of our dear friends, Randy Done was at our house helping (okay he did the work…I handed him tools) replace a back door.  He’s also volunteered to help me turn our garage into a living room.  The week after we got home, our Singles Minister (another dear friend, Raymond Cox) said that the singles wanted to make us their project for their mission project (Mission:POSSIBLE) for April.  My initial reaction was “no way.”  We can do it ourselves.  God reminded me that we are part of a body and two things would happen if we refused…  (1) The Malone’s would have things that needed to be done that would take weeks or months to complete.  (2) We would be withholding the blessing from those who were answering God’s call to help us.  (Remember, people had prayed that they would come along and help).  So I said yes and thank you.
In the meantime, another of our great friends, the Schloss’s, said that we were going out Friday night and they were coming to sit with the kids.  I tried to talk them out of it and gave all the reasons that that might not be a good idea.  But they said they were coming…and we were going out.  Period.  So they did and we did and it was wonderful.  When we got home, they told us they wanted to do it once a month.  What a blessing.
On Saturday, the 25th, the singles showed up ready to work…  They…
  • Painted a large bedroom that all the little boys will move in to.
  • Painted the upstairs hall
  • Painted the upstairs bathroom
  • Repapered, cleaned and organized the kitchen cabinets
  • Cleaned out flowerbeds
  • Helped finish the play fort in the backyard
  • Cleaned
  • Took apart and moved beds around
What a blessing.  Words can’t express our thankfullness.
Take a look at this video…
Blessed be the Name of the Lord!