The Boys Medical Situations…

Here’s where we are right now medically…


  • His blood counts remain high which indicate that he is, indeed, producing his own blood cells. PTL!
  • His thyroid checks out good and operational
  • His heart still sounds good
  • He can have his feeding tube removed whenever we want (it’ll be soon)
  • He’s back to his old self — a HUGE blessing!!!
  • Still waiting on ENT appointment to see how his tubes are holding up
  • His tonsuls need to come out


  • His heart is in great condition…no problems
  • His vision is within normal ranges
  • He needs to have minor eye surgery to fix his tear ducts on both sides and to remove the viral spots on his face and arms (yes, I know arms are not eye surgery…but it’ll be the same procedure)
  • Needs tubes (the ENT doc said his ear canals were the smallest he had ever seen). His hearing is compromised due to the fluid and improper movement of the drums (which should be corrected with the tubes)


  • Very poor vision but corrected with glasses
  • Needs his tonsuls out
  • Needs his adnoids out
  • Needs tubes
  • His heart is in good condition except some possible hypertension (but may have been an anomaly on the test. We’ll just wait and see.
  • He has some definite mental/emotional/behavior issues we are working through but they are VERY MINOR and are corrected with proper discipline. He’s just a little boy acting out because of his past. We’re gonna love it all out of him! 🙂

They are attaching very well. Matthew is less attached due to his developmental condition. Believe it or not we have the same attachment issues with Eli. Both Eli and Matthew love us and enjoy us…but we do ask ourselves the question if they would be just as happy with someone else and would they miss us. Hmmm…but we’re working on it. 🙂 No worries. God’s asked us to do our part, which we will continue to do, and He will take care of the rest. We are confident of that.

THERE’S ANOTHER NEW POST TODAY BELOW THIS ONE… 🙂 Can you believe it? 3 posts in 2 days!!!

Blessed be the Name of the Lord!