This Week…

This week has been one filled with doctor’s appointments, carting kids to school, laundry, baths, eating, cleaning, painting, building a swing set…  WHAT A WEEK!  Oh yeah, and we’re moving all the kids around into different rooms.  Yikes.
Matthew is SO CLOSE to walking.  He wants to walk so badly.  This pic is him at the end of a long walk on all fours.  He just started doing this.  Eli did this for while just before he stood up and walked.  He walks as though he’s standing straight up with his legs as straight as boards but he puts his hands on the floor.  It’s comical to watch but he just wants to do it so bad!  It’s a shame the caretakers in the orphanage didn’t help him instead of leaving him in a bed all the time.

Micah is doing so well.  He didn’t spit at church on Wednesday night.  In fact, the teachers said he was so well behaved they wondered what had happened.  Praise God!  Hopefully Sunday will be good too.  It was Biker Night at AWANA on Wednesday and he got a do-rag.  He liked wearing it and I must say he’s pretty cute.  
BTW…you read that on Sunday he faked a leg injury.  WELL…as soon as Mary got him in the building Wednesday night, guess what?  His leg injury returned.  She told him to get up and walk and knock it off and he did.  Foiled again!  Curses!!  🙂  Smart kid.

Thursday morning, was quite a morning.  😮  
Here’s our little man laid out sick on the couch.  After the fake leg injury, I would have believed him capable of feigning sickness too.  But I know for sure that his tummy was hurting.  No really…  I know for SURE.  Ugh.
Wednesday night, I suspected that he had had a lot of goldfish crackers to eat based on his poochy tummy and his shirt.  He woke up about 4:00 Thursday morning screaming and crying.  He’s done that once before when he had a nightmare so we assumed that’s what it was this time too or that he was just awake and wanted to get up or something.  Mary went and quieted him and all seemed to be well.  WRONG.  When I went down about 6 to get breakfast and laundry going, I could smell that someone had had a code: Brown during the night in a serious way but walked on by to get laundry, coffee and breakfast going.  I don’t change them into their clothes from pj’s until after they eat and potty so just decided we’d endure the diaper until after breakfast.  Wrong again!!  I went in about 6:15 to get Micah who was already awake but being quite.  I got close to the bed and the worst you can imagine doesn’t even touch it.  So I turned on the light and it got worse.  🙂  Micah had had a serious blowout of diarrhea during the night (probably around 4:00???) and he likes to put his hands down the back of his diaper and scratch (we’re trying to break him of that) but normally, while it’s gross, it’s  just a bad habit.  Ummm…let’s just say that this time was very gross.  His hands were caked with it.  It was on his face, dripping out his pjs, on his shirt all over the blankets, the sheets and his stuffed animal that he always sleeps with (that Jamie Hejl gave him).  So I took him to the tub (holding him out in front of me…all the while him wanting to give me my usual good morning hugs and kisses…NOT ON YOUR LIFE BUCKO!).  So I handed the bathing off to Mary and went and got all the other stuff and put it in the washer.  Then poured bleach on my head to disinfect.  Not really, but probably needed to.  🙂
Then he wouldn’t eat his breakfast (hello?  who are you and what did you do with Micah?).  So I let him sit in the floor and watch Franklin.  A few minutes later he was pointed at his stomach and crying so I laid him down on the sofa with a blanket.  He was happy then…  
What a morning.  Believe it or not, the next time he had diarrhea he alerted Mary and made it to the toilet before it happened.  Praise God for that!
So…anyone hungry for dinner now?  LOL
Blessed be the Name of the Lord…