Operation: Survive Till Tuesday

Day One

I’m feeling really bad today, but God is STILL ON HIS THRONE and in control.  So I have joy!
Our medical appointments were strange to say the least.  Pretty cursory exam…but glad it was SHORT!  The lady doctor just stared at me and Micah when she sat down.  Mary wasn’t in the room yet.  The doc said “why are you doing this?”  “2?”  I said we love children and want to help them.  She said but why these children?  They are so…  so… and she wouldn’t finish the sentence.  I’m not feeling well so the filter through which my speech and facial expressions usually flow may be a bit week today and perhaps my face gave away what I was thinking.  I just held him closer, kissed him and she said she was sorry.  It would just be difficult for her she said.  Well the visit went fine and then we went to sit in another hallway while everything was being stamped (for about an hour).  You may remember that I said playing with Matthew in the little mud room was like playing in a doctors’ office waiting room.  I would now like to retract that statement.  It turns out the little mud room was UTOPIA!  But let me just say that the boys did remarkably well today.  I was so pleased.  We had an hour and half car ride there, there for over an hour and half then another 45 minutes to the embassy.  Then at embassy for about an hour and then in the car about an hour to get home.  They were TROOPERS and I’m so proud of them!!!
The embassy was fine.  We got our papers turned in.  Then the lady behind the glass asked where the pictures were.  I told her I didn’t have them (I suddenly remembered that George had them and he was behind all the security and gates because he’s not allowed to come in.).  So I had to go out and he was standing at the gate and waved them at me through the bars.  I’m thinking…George, that guard is going to kill us!  You can’t do that!  But the guard grinned and nodded his head.  I guess he saw the fear in my eyes.  🙂  So I got it all turned in and paid my $1400 (ugh) and we were told to come back tomorrow at 2:00 for our interview and to get our visas.  YES!  Then we’re ready to go home!!  No all we need is plane tickets.  We’ll get those tomorrow and we’ll be home Tuesday.
Yesterday was so sweet and yes, overwhelming.  I wondered last night if we would actually survive this and wondered all over again what we had gotten ourselves in to.  Today has been such a blessing with the boys.  Yes, I know that tomorrow may be completely the opposite and they may completely out of control.  But today was good.  We’ll worry about tomorrow when it comes.
I’ll write more about yesterday and the trip in the car with our new sons later.  Today, I’m feeling bad and need to stop now.  God bless you all.  Thank you for loving my family.
Blessed Be the Name of the Lord!  Psalm 139
Be Blessed!