Ugh… Friday in the big town of Kiev

Well, through my own neglect to find out the right info and ask the right questions, we were unable to get our visas today.  We have to go back Monday and we should be able to walk in and out with them.  Flight on Tuesday…so does God know what He’s doing or what???  Now it’s just a frustration, if we had moved our ticks to tomorrow (which we were very close to coming on to Chicago tomorrow) it would have been frustrating and expensive!

So in all this…  Blessed be the Name of the Lord!!!
MAY write more later.  Feeling very bad.  I’m afraid that with my other flu virus that my immune system was down enough that my shingles have come back.  But it’s much worse than ever before.  But this too, God knows!!  Great Jehovah Rapha…please heal me.  I cry out.  I need Your help.
Love you all.
KIDS…it’s almost time.  I can’t wait to hug and kiss you and just be with you.  You’re not going to school on Wednesday and we’ll all be together until church time!  🙂  Also…excited about your surprises.  I love surprises!!
PS… the song on yesterday’s video is called “Baby Mine.”  By Bette Midler