Why Should You Obey God?


verb (used with object)

1. to comply with or follow the commands, restrictions,wishes, or instructions of: to obey one’s parents.
2. to comply with or follow (a command, restriction, wish,instruction, etc.).
3. (of things) to respond conformably in action to: The car obeyed the slightest touch of the steering wheel.
4. to submit or conform in action to (some guiding principle,impulse, one’s conscience, etc.).

Of course, these definitions leave out the object of true obedience…  God, the Father.

1 Samuel 15:22 says, “But Samuel replied: “Does the LORD delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as much as in obeying the voice of the LORD? To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams.”

We try so hard to please God by doing so many things.  We have neglected the most important thing so often…to obey.  He’s not in need of us to do anything for Him.  He wants our lives.  Our hands.  Our feet.  Our resources.   Our everything.  Our obedience.

What is He asking of YOU today?

Blessing His Name.