Today (Thursday)

We got to go to Romaniv today to see Micah.  It was the best visit yet.  We were very happy with the visit.  We found out some things today that are difficult for us to deal with but do explain some of Micah’s behaviors (apparently, it’s common to administer behavior controlling medications in the mental institutions).  We hope that getting him out of the environment and “detoxed” that things will be okay.  You can pray.  Please don’t ask more about it right now.  When the time is right, we’ll share if we can.  Now for some very sweet pictures! DSCF2600  DSCF2608 DSCF2619 DSCF2624
Emma gazing at Matthew.
DSCF2625 DSCF2630 DSCF2632 100_9327
Orphanage complex… 100_9328 100_9329 100_9330 100_9334 
Regional Specialized Children’s House
Zhitomyezh Regional Council
in Novograd Volinskyi   100_9336
We put a bid on this house.  Just kidding.
Jamie came to town!

Marina and Tatiana (she has basically raised him since he was born).
DSCF2009_face1 DSCF2011
Natalie…the young believer that I referenced in the last post.
Apple.  Yum.

DSCF2014 DSCF2017
Loves Miss Patty Cake
DSCF2020 DSCF2021 DSCF2022
And cookies…  Yes we are trying to fatten him up…
Joyful Mama…  DSCF2022_face1
Joyful Papa… DSCF2026 DSCF2027 DSCF2032 DSCF2034 DSCF2037 DSCF2042 DSCF2052 DSCF2055_face0 DSCF2056 DSCF2058 DSCF2060 DSCF2066 DSCF2070 
Lunch with Pastor Andrea and Tatiana.  Meat patties.  Cold sour cream.  A salsa.
Valentine…works in the rehabilitation center run by Pastor Andre’s church.  Also…has been driving for us.
Tatiana & Pastor Andre
Natasha, Mary and Tatiana
Natasha, Tatiana, Andre, Me, Mary, Valentine
DSCF2077 DSCF2082 DSCF2083_face1
Miss Patty Cake was on inside the crib.  He sat outside it and watched (this kept his hands off the computer!)
DSCF2091 DSCF2096 DSCF2097 DSCF2099 DSCF2104 DSCF2105 DSCF2114 DSCF2118
Praying over our little one.  You might see the throw-up on his face.  He did that while we prayed with our eyes closed.  I may have to burn my shirt.  Argh.  Actually, maybe I’ll burn all my clothes.  🙂 Be blessed our friends! Blessed be the Name of the Lord. Pray tomorrow morning.  Our court was moved to 3:00 pm (7:00 a.m. Oklahoma Time).  Please pray.