The snow continues…

More snow overnight.  No power overnight.   Thankfully, when we woke up, the power was back on.  It’s really hard to do things here with power.  Especially when the sun is not shining.  The wind was very strong in the night and I suspect the icy power lines decided they had had all they could handle.  

Thankfully, though, someone worked during the night and got it fixed.  

I was looking for an article that talked about the massive snow we’ve had and that it was record breaking.I found THIS ARTICLE instead.  Click to read it. 100,000 homeless children.  And I was complaining yesterday that our house was too warm and turned off the heat.  Ugh.


So what to do?  I don’t know yet.  But there must be something.  The first thing I knew to do was to email the writer.   

Please pray about this with us.

I didn’t find the article about the weather.  For some reason, after reading this article, I didn’t care much about the weather.

Bless the Name of the Lord!