The Latest from the Journey

We continue to marvel at God’s faithfulness.  It seems like every time we begin to get a bit anxious and wonder what in the world we are doing — planning the move to Ukraine — God comes through with some sort of major confirmation.

This week was no exception.  He confirmed through His amazing Word and through other people.

Our plan, as it stands right now, is that our last Sunday at our church will be January 29.  Then we will travel to Texas for a couple of weeks to say goodbye to family and then we’ll get on the plan to Ukraine with all our luggage (that will contain the remainder of our earthly belongings) sometime around February 12, 13 or 14.

We are extremely excited.  Extremely nervous.  Extremely grateful to God.  Extremely trusting in Him alone.

Ethan had his tonsils and adenoids out on Tuesday.  He’s developed some sort of infection so is on antibiotics and his pain meds.  So he’s a bit doped up but doing well.

Mary had a procedure on Tuesday as well (at another hospital).  Her procedure got moved from December 20 to the same day as Ethan’s so thankfully Gus and Wartha Downing agreed to go with her.  

Thankfully, the biopsy tissue looked good and clear and the doctor assured us that there was no cancer.  I was one happy man when I heard the news.  Of course, it’s been sent to pathology, but the doctor was certain after his visual inspection of it.  So very thankful.

Ethan’s big surgery (the colostomy reversal) is scheduled for January 9.  He’ll be in the hospital 5-7 days and then will need several weeks to recover.  It’ll be a hard time, but we will be glad when it’s done and he’s recovered.  Life will be a little easier then.

We are blessing the name of our great God…today and always.