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Tuesday of this week, we had the littles and Bethany and Seth at the play park at church.  All the kids were doing the things they love to do.

Micah was running around chasing Seth and screaming.
Matthew was going up the stairs and down the slide on his stomach.
Eli was sitting under the playpark pouring bark mulch on his head and rubbing it on his face and having a bite every now and then.
Ethan was clinging to one of us or sitting in the stroller.
Eliana was busy crawling up the steps and going down the slide.

Now remember…Eliana is the one that starts shaking in terror when you make her walk.  She’s a fraidy cat.  She got it in her head that she was going to go down the fireman’s pole so she reached out to grab it.  I guess she thought she was going to float to the ground like a dainty feather.  Well, not only did she not grab the pole, she went down like a ton of bricks and immediately started to scream.

Not sure exactly how hurt she was or if it was just stark terror, we took the kids to McD’s for lunch.  Of course, she wouldn’t eat and she cried off and on and would really cry if you even looked at her leg or foot like you might touch it.

Needless to say, we ended up at Children’s Hospital in the emergency room.   I was really surprised to learn that she broke both the tibula and fibula on her left leg.  Fortunately for her and us it’s the “good” kind of break (if there is such a thing).  We managed to get right in to the orthopedic surgeon (Wednesday morning) and they determined that it would heal on its own and just put a cast on (from the knee down).  She’ll wear it for four weeks and should be fine after that.

This will set her walking back by who knows how long.  Yet, we are thankful that the breaks weren’t worse and that no surgery or re-setting was required.

We close on the sale of our house in just 13 days and hope to move our stuff out in about 7 days.  Then I head to Ukraine Sept 25 for 4 days to set up banking, utilities, look at some housing options, etc.

BLESSED by the Name of the Lord.  Psalm 103

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