God Allows Special Things to Happen

Something happened today that was so special to me that someone may have to peel me off the ceiling because I’m so happy.

It’s a private something that can’t share details about…and I don’t say that to make people wonder what it is.  It’ll always be private. 

I write about it here, on the internet, because 

it is such a fabulous and extravagant love that God has for us.  He does things for us, in us and through us that He has no obligation to do.  The thing is, if He didn’t do these things, we would never even know that He didn’t do it, because we would know nothing about it.  So it’s not like we would be missing something and feel bad about it.

So WHY does He do these things?  Because he is MADLY IN LOVE WITH US!

I am so grateful for His love.  

Later today, I’ll be posting about September 11, 2001…but I wanted to share God’s great love with you today.  So if you are having a rough day…be of good cheer…His love is unending and lavish.

Bless the Name of the Lord.