Some things we didn’t know…

When we decided to adopt our precious sons, there were some things that we could never have known.

1. God is faithful. No…REALLY faithful. And really powerful. And really sovereign. These things we knew with our head and had experienced them throughout our lives, but since we said yes to Him in obedience, He has totally blown us away.

2. We had no idea how this would impact our other children. We knew they were special kids and that they loved God and wanted to follow Him, but this process has brought out an uncommon faith in their lives. They have amazed us with their unselfishness, their tenderness, helpfulness and total selflessness.

3. The joys of experiencing firsts with the boys. Last night we sat at some friends house watching the fireworks show our city puts on. We got to experience it through the eyes of our two new Malones who had never laid eyes on fireworks. It was an amazing time watching Micah sit there with his jaw dropped and in utter silence just trying to take it in. Matthew sat there and laughed uncontrollably. Just complete and abandoned joy.

4. The far-reaching impact of this journey. People we have never met have been touched by what God has done and continues to do. Only God can do that.

5. The myriad of daily lessons we learn from these guys and from all our kids. Yeah, we knew it would be life-changing. But we had no idea. No idea.

Everyone continues to do very well. The heat has let up a bit. We went from 104 to only 80 yesterday. It was a welcomed cool down. Today was only 90. Thank you God for the break in the heat! It’ll be back to 100’s by Saturday.

Blake is in Belize on a mission trip and the reports are all good of what God is doing in their lives and the lives of the people they are ministering to. He gets home late Wednesday night.

Hannah has been Dad’s helper over the weekend. I’ve been doing some home renovation for someone to earn money to pay off the hospitals. Hannah’s been right there at my side working like a trooper. What a great blessing to my life she is! She’s worked so hard knowing where the money was going.

Bethany and Seth are enjoying the summer. They like being able to stay up past 8:00 and sleeping past 7:00. 🙂 They also like being able to play outside and go to the pool and just RELAX (of course they still have their regular chores…but no school).

Eli continues to charm us and he is recovered from his surgery and is the sweetest boy in the world. Matthew & Micah continue to make great strides. They amaze us. Micah uses sign language and it blows us away. Matthew is starting to make some sounds (other than crying) so we hope he will begin to communicate. He is definitely “in there!”

Blessed be the Name of the Lord!