Independence Day

What a great day. I’m so glad to live here in the United States of America. After traveling to many places around the globe, it’s always such a thrill to return to US soil. With all the problems and the frustrations, there’s still no other place I’d want to live. This is the greatest nation on earth. Stand up. Be heard. Hold out for the Truth and what is right!

Today, Blake celebrates the 4th in Belize on a mission trip. They are doing vacation Bible school, construction and several other things over the next week. We are so proud of him. He’s got a heart for the Lord and is striving to be all that God wants him to be!
The rest of the family is home now. We were all divided up until about 3:30. I’ve got pizza dough rising for homemade pizza in a little while. Hannah and Bethany spent the first part of the day at the zoo with the Dickinsons. They had a picnic and a good time. Mary took Seth, and the three little guys to the splash park in Norman for fun in the heat. I was painting until about 3:30 (I’m doing some jobs on the side to get the hospitals paid off — we owe a bunch after the surgeries 2 weeks ago and will owe a couple of thousand more after the dental stuff for Matthew in a couple of months). So glad to have the opportunities to do the extra work. It’s hard to work it in, but otherwise, we’d be paying it off for years.
We’re going to the Downing’s tonight for snacks and to watch the city fireworks display. Actually, only one of us will go with the older kids. The little guys shouldn’t stay up till 11 pm tonight and the go to church tomorrow. We are putting them back in Sunday school tomorrow. They have gone to child care a couple of times in the last 2 weeks and have done very well. No spitting or anything. Okay, it’s only Micah that had had problems before, but he’s doing well with the structure and the new people.
Our family is such a blessing to my life. I wouldn’t change anything (except maybe to never have to go to work and always be with them 🙂 ). And I’m married to the sexiest, most amazing woman on earth.
God is good.
Blessed be the Name of the Lord!