So much has changed…

Micah turned 9 on the 19th.  9 years old.  Just three years ago, he lived in a mental institution – no hope for any kind of future and he was basically a terrified little guy.  Nearly blind, tiny, undernourished, physically abused, and no doubt emotionally abused.

You know, it actually seems like he has always been our son, except we don’t remember when he was a baby.  Weird, huh?

In those three years, he’s grown from basically a baby to a little boy – in lightening speed.  He has stolen our hearts and changed us – for the good.  

Yeah, sometimes he drives us crazy with his noises and little quirks and periodic institutional behavior, but hey, what child doesn’t every now and then, right?  But how can you NOT love it when he hugs you and pats your back and kisses you when he knows your having a hard moment. 

Micah completely understood that his birthday was coming.  We started talking about it several days before it happened and he was so excited.  On his day, he was just so happy all day.  I got him up early with me and he sat with me while I read my Bible and was so happy just to be with me…just him and me.  He got to help make his cupcakes, which, of course, he loved.  He got to stay up an hour late and watch a movie with just me.  He loved opening his presents and eating his cakes.   During the day, he did something that he wasn’t supposed to do and Bethany told him he couldn’t do it.  Well, he pointed at the “happy birthday sign” and then to himself and said yes.  Interpretation:  “It’s my birthday and I CAN do it!”  Of course, he still couldn’t but how cute is that?  Like I said, he knew it was his birthday and was just so excited.

We are amazed that God have him to us and that he is our son — yeah, he’s adopted, but only on paper.

Happy birthday, big boy.  Papa and Mama love you so much.  You have changed us forever.