Sharing the news…

We’ve gotten to share our adoption journey today several times with several people and it has been a VERY encouraging experience.  People at church today seemed very excited about what God is doing.

Last night, I explained it all to my mom.  I was a little nervous about telling her what we were doing because after all, we already have five kids.  Isn’t that enough??  🙂   Sometimes, my family looks more at “common sense” than on God’s calling.

We are afraid to get too excited about all this, though.  In the back of our mind, we wonder what will happen if everything falls through!  But I must be honest…it already feels like these two little boys are ours and we are just waiting to go pick them up.  We’ve never seen them in person or heard their voice or felt their touch…yet, it seems like they already belong to us.  Crazy…but there it is.