Home, Sweet Home

We got home late evening on Friday.  Ethan had to come home with the catheter in, but he’s doing well otherwise.  His bowels are working great for now and he’s not in too much pain.  It’s obvious that he is still in pain because of his lethargy and not really wanting to do anything, but it’s minimal and seems to be controlled by tylenol (no narcotics).

Great is the Lord!
He heals all our diseases.
We are pretty happy with the results of the surgery so far.  We just need him to be able to void his bladder on his  own.  We will take out the cath on Thursday morning and hopefully things will return to normal then…otherwise we will have to take him in on Thursday afternoon to be re-cathed.  So we appreciate your prayers in that area!

We bless the Name of our Great Healer!