God Gives Lavish Gifts to His Children

God, our Father (for those who know Him), gives amazing and lavish gifts to His children.  He does the unbelievable on our behalf and gives us more than we even know to ask for sometimes.  It’s wonderful to know that our Father loves us so much that He goes out of His way to provide and to give.

Over the last couple of days, God has done some pretty amazing things in Ethan’s body.  Today, we wait for him to pee on his own so he can come home.  His bowels are working great and he’s eating like normal.  Drinking is a bit more of a challenge, but he doesn’t drink too much at home either.  Remember, he’s used to only having a little bit of liquid all his life.  

He’s doing so well and it’s miraculous that they are talking about him going home already.

God is good.

Bless His Name Today