Fall Is Almost Over!

I cannot believe fall is just about gone. Our days have been more than full with school, 2 science fair projects(Yuck, but out of 7 kids I guess I should be grateful it was only 2!), marching band(and all the contests), multiple Dr.’s appointments, oral surgery and an MRI for Mr. Matthew(more on the MRI later.) Not to mention all of our church activties! The good news is no one has been sick except Eli, who missed 4 days of school with a stomach virus. Thankfully no one else has gotten it!

I managed to get a few pics of the kids a few days ago, while we still had leaves on the tree.As you can see it is really hard to get that many kids to look at the camera. I am convinced that Matthew, Micah and Eli were conspiring against me and the camera! 🙂
I gave up on the hope that I might get one picture with all of the kids looking at me at the same time. But I was determined to still get what I could. Maybe we should have a prayer service before trying group pictures next time. 😉
Blessed be the name of the Lord.