The appointments

Micah and Eli had an appointment for a surgery consult for tonsillectomy and ear tubes. The doc noticed Micah’s veins (which of course we’ve asked the docs about before) and asked if we knew what they were. Of course the docs have said they don’t really know and that’s the end of it. The doc today said, “I don’t want to scare you, but…” Don’t you love it when a doctor says that?

Anyway, it could be related to a respiratory problem that creates hard coughing. He had pneumonia a lot when he was a baby (so we are told). He said it could also be a brain problem that causes the veins to have these characteristics. He’s going to consult a neurologist he knows and see what the next step is. It’s all in God’s hands. We’re not worried that God doesn’t know about everything and we completely trust Him and His hand.

Matthew’s surgery has been schedule for June 15. The others have yet to be scheduled but they will probably have to stay in the hospital for observation following the surgeries since they don’t speak. They want to be sure they will be able to swallow. They both have tonsils that pretty much close off their throats so it will be quite a change for them both.

We have our appointment at 4:30 to have the TB test read. We’ll update you when we know the results from those.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord!