All things working together…

All things are working together…

We woke up this morning and found little Pippin had died during the night.  Seth was heartbroken.  He had worried about the little kitten and fed him and kept him warm and safe.  And it wasn’t enough.  And I was heartbroken for him.  I didn’t even know about it until after he was already burying him (or was starting to)…by himself.  By then it was time for church to start and I didn’t get to talk to him about it.  Yet, somewhere in my heart I felt like I had failed him because he was hurting and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it right then.

Right after church, I went outside to putter around and do a few chores and I saw Seth over behind the van in a little fenced area we have for flowers.  He had a little shovel and was digging a little hole.  He had Pippin wrapped in his little pink blanket and had put that inside a tattered paper sack.  And he was crying a little bit.  Argh…it ripped my heart out seeing him “taking care of business” on his own.  He had only dug a shallow little hole and so I suggested we dig a deeper hole and I went and found a nice box to put Pippin in in his blanket.  So I found a nice box that coincidentally was a “hello kitty” box.  Kind of appropriate.  Seth even chuckled about it.  So we dug and Seth put Pippin down in the hole so gently.  Strangely, Phoebe (Pippin’s surrogate mom) was hanging around and laid right beside the hole and just watched.  Before we buried him, Seth thought he needed to show him to Phoebe so she could say goodbye.  She meowed and licked him as though he was still alive and then Seth wrapped him back up. 

It was time to fill the hole and I asked Seth if he just wanted me to do it.  But he said, no…he wanted to help.  So we buried him and Seth had made this little board with Pippin’s name on it.  I am so happy that Seth has such a tender heart toward animals.  He is so kind and gentle.  Kind of the opposite of me when it comes to pets.  I’m grateful Seth is so tender.  It was a hard day for him.  A good thing is that Phoebe will clearly be having kittens again soon.  Seth is happy about that.

As I thought about how Seth was feeling and wondering why God would allow all this…I didn’t come up with an answer.  But today’s sermon was to rejoice always, pray continually, and give thanks in all things.  So that’s what we are doing.  I’m thankful that Seth got to love and care for Pippin for the week we had him.  

Our beautiful Hannah.

No, he’s not Hindu… he has a bite right between the eyes…   look at our chubby boy.  What a miracle!

Speaking of CUTE!  He’s laying behind the trash can playing with a flower.  Strange place to play, but at leasts he’s laying on the concrete and not in the sand pile (like usual).

Either she’s playing at the beach or in the huge sand pile we have.

I know… it doesn’t match… but he likes wearing ties.    And you have to admit… it’s cute.

He is so precious to us.

Thinking about something.

The moment I turned the camera on him, he covered his face.  What’s that about?  But he ended up letting me take pics of him. 

Sarah in the background.  The kids love playing with her.

Our new septic for the banya.  It’s where we have our washing machines.  The old one was about 10 gallons.  Clearly, not anywhere near large enough.


Today and always… blessing the Name of the Lord!