We’re Going to Ukraine!

After everything we’ve been through over the last week, all the emotions, everything, it was SUCH A JOY and BLESSING to get our facilitator’s emails saying that all our paperwork had passed and we’d get a travel date tomorrow (Friday).  I can hardly wait to wake up in the morning and check the email to see if we got our date so I can buy our plane tickets!  

We’re SO EXCITED to go get Matthew (Oleg) and hopefully another child too.  We just have to pray and hope that there is another boy who has Down syndrome and is between 2-7 years old.  We were pretty specific in our home study because we planned on adopting Matthew (Oleg) and Jonathan (Dante/Dimitri).  We didn’t realize the possibility of what could happen…
Looking for our date.  I’m too tired to chronicle much tonight, but tomorrow I’ll begin posting some of the many things the Lord has done over the past few days and months.
Peace and Grace.