We’re doing great…

We’re all doing great here at Malone Nine central. Blake and Hannah are off at Super Summer so it’s just the youngest five and the parents this week.

The boys continue to do SO well! We have several surgeries coming up. Matthew is having some procedures done on June 15. Then Eli will have his tonsils out on June 16 (we’ll spend one night in the hospital) and then Micah is having his tonsils/adnoids out and ear tubes put in on June 17 (my birthday – no planned hospital stay).

So next week will be our last normal week for a while. (whatever normal is!)

We had a great night last night at the Oklahoma Redhawks game. Jim & Debbie Stelter invited our whole family (all nine of us) to attend the game with them. We had a wonderful night together. Also with us were David & Martha Adamson and Reed Stelter. Reed is 29 and has Down syndrome. W e all had a swell time even though the Redhawks lost.