We’re about to go get the documents…we hope :-)

February 17, 2009
Hey gang,
We're about to go by taxi to SDA to get our papers, then on the the train.
We had a good morning getting our 2nd dossier notarized and went back to SDA to make sure there were no other papers we needed.  And they said there's nothing else we need.  We meet the director of the Novograd home tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. then we met Matthew (Oleg).  We can't wait!
We left this morning at about 8:30 a.m. and went to Terminal (the big shopping complex) to catch the bus to the Metro.  It's much cheaper to go by taxi to Terminal and then take the Terminal bus to Metro (it's free).  They provide transport to and from the Metro for free.  Since the Terminal bus wasn't running yet, we took the 404 to the Metro instead.  It pulled up and there was a crowd waiting to get on.  I noted that it was already full when it arrived, yet people began to pile on it.  Where were they going?  I have no idea.  It was like a clown car at the circus only in reverse.  Since I don't know where the clowns come from, or where all those people were going, I decided maybe we shouldn't get on that bus…
ANYWAY… we got to the Metro on another 404 bus.  Still full, but not like the other one.
I'll give you the rest of the day later.  The taxi should be here any moment.  Thankfully, we don't have to take our bags on the Metro all the way to the train station.  Only from the SDA to the train station.  That will be bad enough.  🙂  We ended up with 3 duffels, 2 backpacks and a bag of food.  Ugh.  We've got to offload some of this stuff.  I've only got 2 pair pants and 3 shirts, underwear and socks.  Lots of toys for the kids, and clothes, coats, etc.  We do have some gifts that we'll be giving away so that'll lighten the load on the way back.  It'll be hard to get back to the city with the boys and all our stuff, but it'll be worth it. 
We will meet John & Tracie Loux tomorrow and Aiden and Emma.  We're so excited. 
Okay, now I'm really signing off.