Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick’s Day…

I hope YOU remember to wear green.  Mary didn’t so she got PINCHED!  :0)  So glad I have my green pants on!  Hee hee!
We are in Zhytomyr trying to get all the documents done.  But things are always so iffy.  You’re always on the edge.  In fact, before we went to the office to get our birth certificates, we went to the Ministry of something or other to get the permission to take Micah from the institution.  Apparently, even with the court order and the approval of the inspector and the institution director, if you don’t get the okay of the “ministry” then you’re dead in the water.  Glad I did not know to worry about that!!  They didn’t understand why a family would want to adopt two children with Down syndrome.  George talked to them and explained our reasons and the guy said that he COULD understand it for our family.  Maybe new inroads are being made. 
We got to the office where they do birth certificates.  There was at least 30 people waiting in the hall and a large waiting area.  George walked right into the office as someone came out and said, you are invited…  Yeah right.  We got some real looks when we rushed into the office.  George said we must hurry because it was 10 to Noon and they would close for lunch.  I asked about all the people we cut in front of and he just shrugged.  He says if you don’t penetrate, you’ll never get what you want.  Okay…that may explain why some people don’t like Americans.  Yikes!  So the lady said she was too busy and maybe we would do it tomorrow.  George said maybe we will do it today.  To look in the envelope and maybe you’ll help us this afternoon.  I don’t know what envelope or the contents therein.  I didn’t ask.  
Yesterday, we were at the Notary (everyone OH’s with great surprise…NOT).  We had visited her when we first got to Novograd and she helped us.  Yesterday she said, “I hope our children bring your family great happiness and joy.”  Then she said that what we are doing is a miracle. She got teary eyed.  I was speechless.  Here, in the middle of Ukraine, God was impacting the heart of a Notary.  God is so Great!
Please pray for some things that I can’t mention right now to happen today and in the morning.  We need a miracle!!
We’ll get back to Novograd late tonight and start again early in the morning.  🙂  I’ll try to post again later, but if not, Be Blessed!
Blessed Be the Name of the Lord!
Psalm 119