Today I……

Well today marks the fourth day that Chris has been gone and so far so good. We have been so busy with school and church activities that the time has passed quickly. Without question he has been missed. When Chris is home he is a HUGE help. Today was the busiest and craziest day since I have been” single parenting.” So here is what I did today:

Got up after a not so restful night sleep and went to the gym.
Came home and made breakfast.
Fed 3 little boys
Changed 2 dirty diapers and 1 wet one.
Dressed 3 little boys
Did one last minute spelling quiz with Bethany and Seth
Had Bethany and Seth help me straighten the battle zone ( also known as our downstairs.)
Took Bethany and Seth to school.
Didn’t Have to take Blake and Hannah today because our friend Carol stop by to see if she could take them for me. Big Help. Thank you Carol!
Came home to meet another friend who was coming over to do some work in our upstairs bathroom.
Spent the next half hour trying to keep Micah out of her hair so she could do what she came for.
Loaded all three boys up for a trip to Walmart to get some white t-shirts because the dickinsons where making an iron on we could use for buddy walk. (I could write a whole post about my trip to wal-mart but will refrain.)
After an hour at Wal-mart I had three very disgruntled shoppers, so I left with only half of my list in my cart. Oh well 🙂
Came home unloaded boys and our purchases.
Fixed the boys lunches.
Cleaned the boys and turned on a Barney so I could make and eat my lunch.
Ate my lunch with Micah at my side hoping he might get a left over. (How could he possibly be hungry?)
Gave the boys a diaper change and packed their back packs.
Took the boys to school. (They all 3 go on Fri. afternoons.)
Went into the school for a short meeting to revise Micah’s IEP.
Went to Bethany and Seth’s school to check them out so they could watch Blake and Hannah march in the Homecoming parade.
Went to the parade. It was short and sweet but the kids had fun.
Took Seth back to school because he was afraid he would miss science and the project they are doing on mill worms.
Bethany wasn’t really interested in going back(imagine that) and since there was only one hr. left I took her with me.
Went to the end of the parade route to pick up B and H.
Then back to each of there schools so they could put away their instruments.
By this point in the day I had a pounding headache and decided Icees would be a good idea. 🙂
So, off to 7-11 for 4 icees.
Stopped by the house to unload this batch of kids and check on my friend. She was just finishing with our bathroom.
Took a phone call from Chris, who will be posting soon on all that is happening in Ukraine.
Went to pick up the little boys and Seth from school.
Came home and got the little boys down for some “rest” time.
Headed back to Wal-mart because I needed more white t-shirts.
Came home to help with dinner, Blake had made mac and cheese.
Took Blake back to the HS for marching band.
Realized on my way home that I had left my check book at Wal-mart. (The Lord helped me remeber exactly where I left it, so I prayed it was still there.)
Came by the house to tell Hannah I had to go back to WM. Asked her to please clean up little boys after their dinner.
Went back to Wm for the 3rd time today. And yes, my check book was still there,right by the white t-shirts. Thank you Jesus!
On my way home again I realized I would need to make a stop at the Dollar General.
So I ran in quickly got what I needed and headed for the register. Only to get behind a lady who was having the same kind of day I was. She made her check out to the Dollar Tree, only we were in the Dollar General. SO she rewrote it, but bless her heart she made it out this time to the Family Dollar. She rips that one up and starts again, she gets it right this time but all the while her little girl, who looks to be about 7 is chanting “Tree Killer!” because she has used 3 different checks for one purchase. No people I am not making this up. I could so empathize with this woman. God bless her!
Well back home again, but not for long because tonight was date night at our church and all the young children were going so I could have some one on one with Hannah (gotta snatch those opportunities while you have them!)
Another round of diaper changes, shoes on and we were out the door.
This was the first time I have taken the little boys. Micah went to the room for special needs. He was the only one and had a great time having the attention of 2 teachers all to himself.
Eli and Matthew went to the room they usually go to for nursery and did great!
We are home now with all the kids tucked snuggly in bed! Except for Blake who is still playing at the game, but he should be home shortly.
My day has been more than full, most days are, but with the grace of God it is never more than I can bear. 🙂 He truly is my sustainer and the lifter of my head. Blessed be the name of the Lord.
By Mary Malone