The week in review – a.k.a. “Is it Saturday again already?”

We’ve been here for six or seven weeks now.  We’ve seen the end of the raging winter and the beginning of a beautiful spring.  The bulbs are popping through the newly thawed soil.  The strawberries are budding.  The trees are getting that look they get in the spring.  Seriously, one day (last Friday) it was freezing cold and snowing and the next day it was mid 40s and sunny.  We had been told for two weeks that Spring was coming soon.  Then for a week we were told that Spring would be here on Saturday.  We though…yeah sure it is!  How can they know that!?  Well, in it came on Saturday.  Just like everyone was saying.  I don’t know how they knew that. I guess the weatherman told them.  Maybe they are more accurate than the ones back in Oklahoma!  But what beautiful days we have had.  

We are grateful for God’s promises and they seem more real when the sun is shining for some reason.  It’s kind of metaphorical in our hearts I guess.  [sws_pullquote_right] There are cloudy, dreary days…yet all the while the sun is shining bright…even if it’s hidden from view. [/sws_pullquote_right]  We have been extremely busy with language study.  As we’ve told you, we go three days a week (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) and it’s a three hour lesson.  It takes 1.5 – 2 hours to get there and that much again to get back.  So it’s a 6-7 hour adventure.  Then there’s home school to fit in, laundry, cooking, cleaning and OUR homework and study.  It’s what we planned for the first six months…but it makes one weary just the same.

All the while I’m trying to keep my web business going and thriving and even would like to find more clients for site design and build.  

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Tonight we celebrated Eli’s EIGHTH birthday.  It’s hard to believe.  How different our lives would be today if he hadn’t come into our lives.  We’ll post some pics of the occasion sometime soon.

In addition, we wonder if there will be a time change tonight or not.  We have been told by some people that there is NO time change here anymore.  Yet, we got an email from a church that we have gone to on Sunday mornings that we should remember to set our clocks ahead.  So…WHO KNOWS????  We’ll find out in the morning I guess!  🙂

I’ve been fighting something today.  Not sure what it is.  I can’t pinpoint just exactly HOW I feel bad, but I’ve been BLAH all day long.  Going to bed in a minute…again… and hopefully will be able to “sleep it off.”  As I sit here in my office, I’m wondering if it’s the smoke we’ve had the last 4-5 days.  You see, at the change to spring and also when fall comes, people BURN their fields and apparently even their lawns.  There have been fires all around us and the smell of smoke is ALWAYS in the air.  So maybe that’s it.  Hopefully tomorrow will bring health and energy with it.

We are thankful for your prayers and your support.