The Unexplainable

Today a dear friend, stopped Chris and I after church. This man has given his whole life to the work of Christ both here and on the mission field. He took the time to encourage us and pray with us. His heartfelt prayer over us was meaningful and touching. One of the things he mentioned in his prayer was, that there was no explanation for why we would do what we were doing, but that we felt so deeply, this move to Ukraine was what God was asking of us, that we could do nothing but act on it. Wow, his words were an accurate reflection of our hearts. We know it makes no sense to move our family of eleven, five of whom have Down Syndrome to a place that can be and will be very difficult. Not to mention, all we will be leaving behind.  Yet, God has so lit our hearts on fire for that place and its people. We know with all that is in us, this is what He is asking. So how can we not act?

He went on to share Psalm 16:6 with us:

The lines  have fallen to me in pleasant places:

Yes, I have a good inheritance.

How true this has been for our life, and though our boundary lines are changing, we we know without a shadow of doubt that we can trust Him for our inheritance.

We will be sharing more in the days ahead, for now we are pressing in and holding tight to the One who calls us His own!

Blessing His Name!