The Devoted Life

Shared with me by a friend…

by David Wilkerson
[May 19, 1931 – April 27, 2011]

Let me give you what I call “the devoted life for commuters and subway straphangers.” It is a simple way for busy Christians to lead a practical, deeply devoted life with nothing mystical about it.

Devotion to Jesus means trusting Him alone to meet every need of your body, soul and spirit. It means giving up looking to any other person or source to meet those needs. Many single people say, “I’m sick of being lonely. I need a mate. If only God would give me someone!”

No, a mate would never be able to meet such a need. In fact, a mate could possibly make you twice as miserable because you would have not only your own headaches but his (or hers) as well! Until Jesus is your focus, until you see Him as your only true satisfaction, you will sink deeper and deeper into despair.

At one point, Jesus wanted to prove to His disciples that He was on top of any situation, so He called Peter to get out of the boat and walk on the water to meet Him. Peter obeyed—and as long as he remained focused on Jesus, he was above everything, actually walking on water! But when the disciple began to focus on his surroundings, he started to sink (see Matthew 14:28-31).

The lesson here is elementary. Yet, I ask you: What do you do when you get that sinking feeling? Do you call out to a friend for help? Or do you keep your eyes focused on Jesus and cry out, “Lord, save me”?

The bride of Christ will be comprised of those who have given up trying to find help, comfort or satisfaction from anything on this earth. They have learned to depend wholly on the One they love to fully satisfy their every hunger and thirst.

Do you have this kind of walk with Jesus? I urge you to keep your eyes focused on your Bridegroom. Expect His return at any moment and do not look to anyone or anything else to fulfill you.