Some New Old Pictures of Micah (then Misha)

Here are some pictures of our precious Micah from a couple of trips made by Mission to Ukraine. There were at Christmas 2008 and during January/February 2009 (just before we met him).

We never saw this high chair in the area they ate, but it may have been in the “physical therapy” room that was used as a storage room. He’s clearly restrained and not eating. He is a bundle of energy and perhaps they just felt the need to have a break. :0) Isn’t he sweet?

That’s our Micah…wanting to be involved in anything and everything. Never left out. Bless his heart, he couldn’t see those pictures at all with his vision. I wonder what the brain does to make up for that.

Doesn’t he look happy to be held? Ha. This was at their Christmas party.

Decorating (or at least throwing ornaments at) the tree.
Mary showed him these pictures this morning. He clearly remembers this place. He wanted to see all the pictures. Then he kissed Mary and jumped down to play. (Probably to unroll a whole roll of toilet paper into the toilet. While I’m on the subject, he never saw toilet paper until we got our hands on him…how does he know to unroll it all into the toilet? Is this instinct built in to all little boys????)
We marvel at the blessing he is to our family. Hopefully today will be a good day at school! 🙂
No s-p-i-t-t-i-n-g we hope.
Blessed be the Name of the Lord
Oh…several have asked how the “clean” eating is going. It’s going great and I feel GREAT. I’ll share more about why I’m doing it some day, but not today. But I’m on day 8 of no sugar, no gluten, no dairy. That’s NONE at all. It’s amazing how good I feel. It’s definitely worth it!