Some Neat Things

Some things that have taken me off guard in the last week with the boys…

When we drive up to the house, Micah just goes crazy with laughing and clapping and pointing.  He's so excited to be HOME.  HOME!!  He understands.
When we put Matthew in his bed, he just looks up at us and smiles so big and he wriggles all around doing what we have labeled the "happy dance."  He also does this when he gets ready to eat.  Just pure joy overflowing on to us.
Micah and Matthew just LOVE the bath. i have the privilege of giving them their bath right after dinner.  They just completely LOVE it!  Laughing, screaming, dancing around.
Micah loves the other kids.  When they get in the car when we pick them up from school, when he sees them for the first time in the morning, he just laughs and wants to get hugs and kisses all around.
Matthew loves to be held. Just sit with us.  I'm thinking he didn't get much of that.
God is good.  I have lots of great pics from the weekend that I will post soon. I don't have the right computer right now to do it.  Hopefully tomorrow!
Blessed be the Name of the Lord!
PS>>>>>congrats to the Sizemores who have committed to adopt Jeremiah!  Blessings!  (check out their blog