Snot, goop, crusties, yuck

Micah woke up yesterday with some serious drainage issues and his face was pretty much covered with snot and crusties.  His eyes were matted with snot.  So we thought it could be the same kind of snottiness that Eli and Matthew sometimes have, but it got worse throughout the day and by this morning, he wanted me to kiss his throat (every morning he wants me to kiss his thumb that still hurts him sometimes after the surgery and today he pointed at his throat and wanted me to kiss that too — which means his throat hurt — pretty cute and actually pretty smart of him). Off to the doctor!  We have a strep carrier in the family and we were worried that perhaps he had strep.  Nope.  It’s pink eye.  In both eyes.  <<Sigh>>  The poor guy looks pitiful tonight.  He was just sitting in the floor of the living room with pillows around him up against the wall.  Just sitting there (not like Micah).  So — 101 fever.  Poor little man.  On top of all that, he also has eczema.  In fact, we took Seth, too, and he also has eczema. Totally a side note:
I did a google image search for a fun picture of pink eye (which I didn’t find).  What did come up was EYE TATTOOING!!  There were actually pictures of someone getting their EYEBALL tattooed.  THEY EYEBALL TATTOOED!!!  They were getting a needle stuck IN THEIR EYEBALL.  Why?  Who?  Why?  Can you imagine letting someone stick a needle in your eyeball to pump ink into it?