“Significant Pneumonia” in both lungs

So if you’ve known us for the last few years, you know that I’ve had pneumonia several times.  So yesterday when I started feeling bad and was coughing up stuff, I knew what was probably coming.  Off to the doctor I went this afternoon and sure enough…he said there was significant pneumonia in both lungs.  Then it was off to the pharmacy next door to get a z-pack and home to bed.  Hopefully tomorrow will bring less coughing and an easing of the chest pressure…at the moment, it feels like there’s an elephant on my chest (and we don’t even own an elephant). 

After everything that has happened in the last 10 days, I wasn’t surprised for a moment when the doc said the words.  The good thing about this is…that even pneumonia goes through the Father’s hands before it comes to me.  So I can trust that He knows about it, cares about it and that it’s in within the scope of His power to control.

Hopefully, I can sleep the rest of the night (I’ve slept most of the time from 2:30 until about 6:45 and now I’m trying to do a little work…but I’ve decided I’m done and gonna go back to sleep!).  Thanking God for strong drugs to help clear the pneumonia and for giving me a comfortable place to sleep while I get well.  Tomorrow, I hope to be able to go in to work lat morning or early afternoon and get caught up as best as I can.  Otherwise, Friday and Saturday will be LONG days!  🙂

Blessed Be the Name of the Lord!