Short Update

I'm home from my whirlwind trip to Dallas and Austin to get the final pieces of the puzzle (a.k.a. our dossier).  We will mail it Monday and hopefully it will be submitted on Thursday of next week.  Then the wait begins.  

Also…please pray for some dear friends of ours.  One of their fathers was diagnosed with cancer today.  No details yet, but please pray.  God knows who and what.
Blessed be the Name of the Lord…
BTW– God has done some very cool things (of course) the last few days.  I'll try to update tomorrow.  And we'll go PRIVATE OVER THE WEEKEND.  So get your request for a login to us at [email protected]  with BLOG in the subject line.  If you've already requested, no need to request again.  We haven't sent any logins yet — that's why you don't have one yet if you requested one.  🙂