Saving Ruslana

We have had our boys (Matthew & Micah) home since March 2009. God has begun a new journey in our lives to bring home Ruslana.
Ruslana was due to be transferred from the orphan baby home to a mental institution (she has Down syndrome) several months ago, but another family had stepped forward to bring her home. For various reasons, they returned the United States without her in early December of this year. Because they had already held her in the baby home longer than they should have, they made plans to move her immediately. December 7, we answered God’s call to go get her and bring her home.
If you have followed our family’s journey this year, you know that Micah was adopted from a mental institution and the difficult process that was (since we were the first family to do that in the region he was in). You also know the terrible conditions he was living in. We are still reaping the emotional damage it caused him. We were preparing to do the same for Ruslana. We would have been the first to adopt from the institution she was going to be transferred to.
On Tuesday morning, December 8, we were sent word that the baby home had made a way for Ruslana to stay in the baby home IF we could get our paperwork submitted by February 1 (when the country’s adoption office reopens). If not, she would be transferred.
We began praising God! He had answered our first prayer (in a matter of hours really). The enormity of this task has begun to sink in and we need help. First of all, we need your PRAYERS that our mighty God will direct us and help us get our paperwork completed and submitted on time. It’s a matter of life and death for Ruslana. Secondly, we need you to PRAY for God to move financially. We thought He did miracles last time (and He did). But this time, we have SEVEN WEEKS to raise the funds ($25,000) to rescue this precious baby. God can do it. Please PRAY.
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Saving Ruslana
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