The pics mentioned in the post below…

To READ about our day here in Kiev, see the NEXT POST… Couldn’t get the pictures to upload for some reason into that post….

A church on our journey to find the SDA…we took the LONG way to get there and found the short way on the way back… down the “funicular”
The beautiful Mary Malone in Kiev…

This is a “self portrait”…that explains the weird expression on my face. 🙂 And explains the reason my head looks enormous. It’s really about the same size as hers… 🙂 Mine was just closer to the camera.

Memorial outside of St Michaels monastary that commemorates the great famine in 1926-1933. Millions of Ukrainians died.

Dome at the monastary…

The beautiful Mary Malone near the monastary.

The sign near the Famine memorial.

The funicular (cable car). It saves a LOT of walking.

The tracks…

Okay, you may look at this and say, “you could fall right off the platform onto the tracks.” Well, if you’re thinking that, YOU’RE RIGHT! But it wouldn’t hurt for long.

The view from the funicular.

Verenyky with vishneve (cherries). YUM!!! The white stuff is sour cream (cmetana)

For SETH… The WALL-E movie in Russian.

For SETH…Open Season 2.

Some dancers outside of the Kreshatik Metro station.

McDonald’s outside the Kreshatik Metro station.



The LONG escalator that goes down to the Metro at Kreshatik. It does have an end, but it is STEEP and it goes down, down, down, down…..

A picture of the metro as it arrived… I realized after the RUSH of air hit me that I was standing on the WRONG SIDE of the white line. YIKES!