Our first full week draws to a close.

In a few hours, the sun will set on our first full week in Ukraine as a family (minus Blake ūüôĀ ¬†).

This week, we started school. ¬†Got a vehicle. ¬†Had above freezing temperatures. ¬†Got registered as “residents”. ¬†Got a bank account opened. ¬†Went out to eat as a family to McDonald’s (adventure). ¬†

Beautiful view from our bedroom window one morning early in the week.

This week, we began having temps above freezing. ¬†Today it has been 4 degrees (celsius). ¬†That’s about 40 degrees F. ¬†The high snow has melted and left our yard in quite a mess. ¬†(And that’s after shoveling literally 18 inches to 2 feet of snow out of the yard and over the wall.) ¬†

One exciting thing that happened this week was the procurement of a van.  

Looks very Ukrainian, don’t you think? ¬†The colors of the flag!

We spent a little less than we planned to spend (a little less than the proceeds from selling our two vehicles in the USA). ¬†So we were happy about that. ¬†It’s very clean inside and out and has a few hundred thousand km left in it. ¬†It was well maintained and will be well maintained so we hope to get much use out of it. ¬†We are thankful to God for it. ¬†It’s a very small slice of independence in an otherwise VERY dependent stage of our lives. ¬†We had it totally serviced before we drove it the first time (oil, belts, etc). ¬†And for those wondering, it’s diesel, manual transmission, seats 10 or 11 comfortably with a little room for luggage or strollers.

Another exciting event… ¬†we went out to McDonald’s as a family today. ¬†I was a bit worried about our first outing. ¬†Our kids can be quite an attraction sometimes. ¬†But everyone was on good behavior. ¬†We got some stares…but mostly because of the sheer number of kids and the fact that we are Americans I think. ¬†Some may have wondered about our special ones, but no one stared in disgust. ¬†(I don’t think). ¬†ūüôā

The McDonald’s worker visible over Matthew’s shoulder very kindly came over smiling at the kids and asked if we wanted balloons. ¬†I’m pretty sure that what she asked… ¬†We declined. ¬†Asked if she spoke English and she laughed and hurried away. ¬†ūüôā ¬†She came back when we were clearing the table and helped us with our trash. ¬†Wondering where I am? ¬†That’s me behind the camera. ¬†And you may wonder how much it costs to feed 10 people at McDonald’s in Ukraine. ¬†We had plenty to eat for $23 USD. ¬† A bit less than in the USA. ¬†An extravagance to be sure, but it was a nice “first time out.”

We are thankful for your prayers for our family and ask that you would continue to pray for us.

Praising and Blessing His Wonderful Name today…and always.