Only 8 more days and God’s provision…

December 19 when we got our travel date it seemed like FOREVER until we would leave. Now…it’s only 8 days! Oh my.

We discovered that we had an additional $2,900 in expenses that we didn’t realize we would have. It was a bit shocking, to say the least. But God provides. It’s amazing that often He provides before we ever even know that we need the provision. He is a good God.

We’ve pack, repacked, repacked again and again… Only 8 more days to repack. 🙂 We are only taking 3 duffel bags and a stroller (and carry-ons of course). So it’s kind of difficult, to say the least, to get everything in the bags. I’m sure glad that I like puzzles! Since we are adopting from 2 different institutions, we are taking smallish gifts to the workers at both places. So that is really adding to our luggage woes! We should have just planned to buy something there in Ukraine instead of dragging it there in our bags (which I think are shrinking).

God is so faithful. Satan has been trying to attack me the last couple of days over finances and worrying whether we have enough or not. We’re trusting God, though. He is trustworthy and He is powerful. And since He owns the cattle of a thousand hills, if He thinks we need more money for the trip, He can just sell a few cows! 🙂

Keep praying for us, please.

Also, don’t forget to pray for the Loux family who is in Ukraine right now. They should be in the region where they will adopt by now. They’ve had their SDA appointment and will meet their two precious children tomorrow (Friday).

And pray for the Dickinson Family too. They have submitted their paperwork and are awaiting a travel date. Pray that God will provide the financial resources needed in the time they have left before they need it.