One of the greatest days in history…

18 years ago, we were a couple of hours away from saying “I Do.”  It was one of the greatest days in history.  Second only to the day Jesus saved me.  

Mary and I have been through lots of things over the last 18 years.  If we had known on that day everything that our journey would entail (thus far) our brains would have exploded!  🙂
But there is not a single thing I would change and I would and do say “I do,” all over again.
Mary has been the richest treasure in my life.  I can’t possible explain what she means to me and my existence.  She is loving.  Unconditionally, loving.  When I was over 400 pounds, she loved me for who I was.  At under 200 pounds, she loves me.  It’s the same love.  Amazing.  Incredible blessing.  When we had less than no money, she was there at my side, taking it one day at a time, trusting Jesus, sometimes for our food even.
As we surrendered our reproductive lives to the Lord, she trusted God for our family that was to be.  Then when we could no longer have children through conception and birth, she trusted God for the children God would bring into our lives.  As we stand at this moment in our lives, she believes God for the future of our family (whether it continues to grow or stays as it is).
She’s the most amazing mommy ever.  Rarely taking even a moment for herself.  Always sacrificing her desires and wants for our family.
She’s a most amazing lover, friend, life-partner, companion.
To the bride of my youth:  Here’s to another year of this fabulous journey.  I love you.  More than words could ever express.  I’d do it all over again…as long as you were with me.