On the way to Ukraine today…

I’m sitting at my gate at the airport, waiting on the inbound plane.  Ready for a shock?  IT’S LATE getting here from Chicago!  I know you are very surprised.  I am.

It turns out you can use the internet for free for 15 minutes.  So I’m trying to get this done in the time allowed.  It’s almost gone so I’ll type fast!

I’m on the way to Kiev today (arriving tomorrow) to set up banking, view some properties that we may be interested in.  Make some orphanage visits.  Start the process for visa (no credit cards…but papers to allow us to live in Ukraine).

We hope it will be a useful trip.

The week was long and hard…but we’re moved out, moved in and the house closing is over.  We now no longer own a home.

Thankfully a dear lady named Bernie is letting us live in one of her rental properties (4 bedroom).  We are blessed and humbled.  

Thanks for praying for this trip and that God will do great things as we continue to follow Him as best we can and leave behind the things of the world in order to do it.

We are BLESSING the Name of the Lord today.  Will you join us?