No news…

Well… We're ready to buy our plane tickets and get to Ukraine.
But… We're still waiting on our travel date. Sigh. But we are glad
to have confirmation that it's coming!We are praying that we will be able to rescue Misha from the
institution he was transerred to but we haven't heard any news about
that yet. You can pray with us about that. In the meantime, we are
having an addendum to our home study prepared to include both boys and
girls ages birth through seven with Down syndrome. OUR first choice
is Matthew, of course, and Misha but want to be prepared if God is goi
g to do something different.We simply want what He wants. My "life verses" that my dad chose for
me when I was a child are Proverbs 3:5&6. Look it up. That's what
the Malones are doing. :-)Peace and grace.