Monday – March 9, 2009

We survived Women's Day 2009.  🙂
I will post a post later today that describes the day, but we are about to walk out the door to get some lunch and groceries.  We'll probably hop on the Metro too and go to Darnitsa to a big toy/children's store there.  We need a couple of things for the boys.
Kids:  We love you and will try to call you today.  We didn't get to call last night because we were out ALL DAY and then didn't have access to the internet last night.  🙁  We love you and miss you way more than words can say.  We'll be home soon!  (In a couple of weeks).  We hope the time passes quickly for you and for Nana.
We love you all!!!!  Wish we could give you a hug today.  We haven't been able to view your video yet (internet problem) but will as soon as we can!  Thanks for posting!!