Micah & others

Micah had a HORRIBLE day yesterday.  In fact, he was biting and hitting other kids and the school called us and told us we needed to come up and do something (they aren't allowed to discipline kids at all unless it's in the IEP as a specific response to a specific behavior…ugh)–(needless to say we are going to be revamping the IEP next week).  So Mary and I both went up and was he surprised!!  I did the disciplining and we also explained a little more to the teacher about his background.  He was an angel after that.  Surprise surprise. 

So today, we made sure he understood what would happen if he bit or spit or hit (maybe Dr. Suess should have written a book!).  He was a VERY GOOD boy today.  In fact he has been all day.  
Of course, there will be more really bad days, but we were so thankful for a good one today.  God definitely knows our cracking point!  🙂
Thanks for your prayers.
The other kids are all doing great in school so far.  Everyone is happy with their classes and schools.  Matthew is just doing wonderfully.  He listens and pays attention and we fully expect him to come out of his shell!!
Matthew went to the doctor today because his nose has been POURING for a couple of weeks and we've tried everything we could to fix it.  It's been running so much that his nose is broken open all around it and inside.  Not raw, broken open.  The doc said he has infontigo on the outside of his nose so he's on k-flex for 2 weeks to get rid of the infection.
On another note, Eli has become very lethargic and is rather pale again so he's having his blood checked again soon.  The doc wrote the script today.  We'll keep you posted.
I'm on a "clean" eating regimen for the next 9 weeks to try to clear up some issues I've been having because I don't want to live on medication.  So it's no gluten, no sugar, no dairy for at least 9 weeks.  Only WHOLE foods.  I'm on day three and already feel MUCH better.  I've also made the gym a priority again this week and that's helping too, I'm certain.
Mary's coping well with the demands of getting the 5 littlest Malones to school (I take the 2 older ones on my way to the office).  She has enjoyed the alone time with Micah (and so has he).  She also enjoys having the two other crumb crunchers to herself while Micah is resting after school (he demands a lot of attention, you know).
All in all…the Malone Nine are doing well and God is continuing to bless and prosper our family!
Blessed be the Name of the Lord!