Look at this!!!

IMG_1191 IMG_1193 Yes…this is Matthew!  Our friends, Derek and Renee Loux were at the orphanage where Matthew is (they just got home Saturday night with their 3 new sons!) and all the time they were there they were unable to see Matthew.  He was in a room they were not allowed to go in.  About 10 minutes before they left the orphanage the last time, they ended up in the room where he was for about 15 seconds and got to snap these two pictures!!! We are SO glad just to see that he’s there!  It is so good to see his face (green polka dots and all).  BTW…the green dots are medicine.  He has the chicken pox (along with about half of the orphanage). God is so good to allow us these pictures and we are VERY GRATEFUL to the Loux’s for getting them for us.  We can hardly wait the last 18 days till we get to go to our boys! Praise God He’s letting us do this.