The last few days…

Yes…I know I have not posted in several days.  🙂

Yesterday with Micah and school and really all day was a GREAT day!  So of course I was expecting today to be a crash and burn day.  It was.  It's really frustrating but GOD KNOWS all about it.  He had new things today at school (the library, therapy) and any change just does him in!  
Tonight at church he will be moved to a special needs class because we don't want him in AWANA and the class that he's been in all summer (one of the three year old classes) begins AWANA tonight.  The only other option is the two-year old class and that's not a good option.
So I hope that he can do with another change today and doesn't go berserk!!!  And I hope we don't go berserk!!!  I also fear that the kids in the class will remind him of the kids in the institution where he came from because some of them have the same sorts of limitations that these kids do.  If he's reminded of that place, I don't know how he'll react.  He is so tender under the toughness.  He's just a baby emotionally and I pray that God would heal his little heart and mind.
Everyone else…continues to do very well!  I'll post more soon and I have some pics to post but first I must get them off of the camera.
Blessed be the Name of the Lord!