Is this 2010 in America?

Say what you will about Sarah Palin’s politics, but the fact is unmistakable that she is an outspoken advocate for families with special needs children. I’ve never seen Family Guy and probably never will, but when I see this scene it really amazes me that to try to hurt Sarah Palin, they would mock children with Down syndrome.  It infuriates me, it shocks me and it makes me want to be more of an advocate for my sons and daughter who have Down syndrome. Take a look at this video if you want.  Below is the text of the facebook post she references…   “When you’re the son or daughter of a public figure, you have to develop thick skin. My siblings and I all have that, but insults directed at our youngest brother hurt too much for us to remain silent. People with special needs face challenges that many of us will never confront, and yet they are some of the kindest and most loving people you’ll ever meet. Their lives are difficult enough as it is, so why would anyone want to make their lives more difficult by mocking them? As a culture, shouldn’t we be more compassionate to innocent people – especially those who are less fortunate? Shouldn’t we be willing to say that some things just are not funny? Are there any limits to what some people will do or say in regards to my little brother or others in the special needs community? If the writers of a particularly pathetic cartoon show thought they were being clever in mocking my brother and my family yesterday, they failed. All they proved is that they’re heartless jerks. – Bristol Palin” For a list of SPONSORS of the FAMILY GUY –  CLICK HERE For a list of FOX AFFILIATE CONTACT INFO -– CLICK HERE