Is Hell Real?

God wouldn’t do that would He?  Why would God do that?  Would God really think that??

There’s a huge debate going on about hell.  There is a movement that says that God’s love is so great that “how could He send people to hell?”  Why does this matter?  It matters because what if Satan could convince people that hell is not real and there is not really punishment for sin because God is love?  Does this sound like a familiar lie from Satan?  Think about Adam and Eve.  Satan said… “God surely didn’t say that…”  He convinced Adam and Eve that God wouldn’t really punish them.  They would not “surely die.”  What if Satan could make you think that God loves you and so it doesn’t really matter if you are a sinner…he wouldn’t really make you pay the penalty for sin.  See why it matters?

I came across this Godly response to that debate today from Francis Chan and thought I would share it with you.